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Sarah Jane Holbrook is a queer director, editor, and DP located in Nashville, TN. 

Sarah works directly with artists and record labels as a one stop media shop. She also freelances for major companies to create commercials, trailers, and narratives. 

Sarah’s lifelong career in the music and film industry have made her both a strong visionary and skilled maker.  As a professional violinist and singer-songwriter, Sarah brings unique perspectives to directing and filming and a honed ear to cutting and editing.

Over 15 years ago, Sarah and her band SHEL signed a record deal with Universal Republic. SHEL has had placements in Shameless, The Fosters, Tampa Baes, the Nicholas Sparks film “The Best of Me, and more. Sarah has shared the stage as a violinist with Amos Lee, Michelle Branch, Sarah McLachlan, Emmy Lou Harris, and other amazing artists. 

Art is her bread and butter, her ribs and taters, her [insert other food related yumminess]. Yeah, she’s got a thing for food…and art. It’s about sustenance. It’s about nourishment. It’s about Joy. Connection. Love. It’s about how making art—just like eating food—is way more fun to do together than alone.

She’d love to make something beautiful (and delicious) with you. 

Photos by Taylor Ballantyne

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